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Where and how do I Inject myself?

Your injections come in convenient, pre-filled syringes and they need to be stored in the fridge. You must inject yourself no later than 12pm, as we work with your normal circadian rhythm. Your Medi-Lean practitioner will show you how to inject and there is also a guideline in your Medi-Lean booklet. If you are hesitant to inject yourself, there is also a nasal spray available, but it is not as effective as your injection, as absorption can be influenced by e.g. hay fever, sinusitis etc.
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Do I need to use all the recommended supplements? Or can I use similar ones?

Your Medi-Lean Practitioner will advise you on your supplements. The Medi-Lean programme is totally integrative with other supplements, depending on your needs.
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What are the costs?

On average between R2500-R3000 per month, but costs will depend on which supplements you'll need.
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